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The future has been our goal for more than 180 years, and we never lose sight of it. We achieve this basic goal through innovation, professionalism, and qualified employees who work with passion and ambition every day. Today, as in the past, we are working on new solutions because a pioneering spirit and innovative thinking have been a hallmark of the company since its inception. Our rich history begins in 1835 with a big idea and budding enthusiasm for the textile industry.

As a traditional company, we are the world’s leading provider of air interlacing and air texturing jets for synthetic continuous filament yarns. The knowledge we have gained from the core textile business about the hard processing of ceramics has allowed us to apply this expertise to other applications. Many years of practice thus created the ideal conditions for successful entry into other sectors – and Heberlein Ceramic Solutions for Medicine and Industry was born. The trust that we acquired and maintained over more than one hundred years forms the basis of our day-to-day work.

We offer solutions to problems, respond quickly, and create genuine added value for our customers – they know that the highest quality can be found wherever the Heberlein name appears. Our products stand for durability, technology, and an optimal cost-benefit ratio. This has been the case for over one hundred years and will remain so in the years to come. Our activities are thus based on a reliable, continuous, and enduring partnership. Needs-based products and services make us the preferred system partner for your personal requirements. You too can become a part of Heberlein and of history.

All kinds of Air Jets for POY, SDY, DTY and ATY processing

Suction/cutting and splice units

Overview of the chemical fiber processes where Heberlein products present

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