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Santex Rimar Group consists of some textile machinery suppliers in the textile finishing industry, including SperottoRimar and Santex.


Sperotto Rimar is known to be a leading manufacturer of textile finishing machines with a sound knowledge of the fabrics finishing process.

Founded in Italy in 1949, Sperotto Rimar is specialized in machinery for the finishing of fabrics, made of natural fibers as well as blends.

Long experience, lush history and deep know-how are the main features of Sperotto Rimar. After more than 60 years of activity, Sperotto Rimar is world-renowned for products reliability, technical expertise and fabric finishing process knowledge of the textile industry.

Some featured finishing machines of Sperotto Rimar




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Machines for finishing of knitted fabrics

Santex is at the forefront of technology for textile finishing of knitted fabrics such as cotton, blended cotton and viscose. The goal of Santex is maximizing performances at low energy to achieve low residual shrinkage, soft hand feel and luster on surfaces of textiles.

Many of the most world-famous fashion houses are relying on the know-how of Santex which was founded in Switzerland in 1982.

Santex offers specialized machines for open width fabric surface treatment as well as various energy saving options which results in customer benefits through a sustainable production and low CO2 values.

Some featured finishing machines of Santex

Santastretch plus


Santaspread TS and Santacompact

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