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TRAN KIM LONG TRADING COMPANY LIMITED was founded in 2017 and managed by Mr. Tran Ngoc Lanh, as a textile mechanical engineer with MBA degree, working in the textile industry for over 35 years.

The company has been operating in the textile machinery business, including the spare parts and components serving the textile industry in Vietnam.

With high competence and reputation in the market worldwide, our principles mainly from Europe have supplied high quality textile machinery and latest technology to the Vietnam market.

Mr. Tran Ngoc Lanh
MBA – textile engineer

We are presently the official agency for the following textile machinery suppliers.

SSM Schaerer Schweiter Mettler AG (Switzerland)
(Member of Rieter Group)
All kinds of winders for yarn processing such as rewinders, soft package winders for yarn dyeing, assembling winders, air covering, sewing thread winders, ATY, DTY.

Neuenhauser Group (Germany)
Sohler Neuenhauser
All kinds of equipment serving in the spinning and weaving process such as bobbin transportation systems (manual or semi or full automatic); cleaning travelling systems (for spinning and weaving); cot grinding machines; automatic transportation equipment; batching winders, etc.

Heberlein AG (Switzerland)
Supplying all kinds of air interlacing jets and service tools for the chemical yarn processing such as POY/FDY and DTY.

Biancalani Srl (Italy)
Fabric wet and dry treatment machines in the finishing process such as tumbling dryers, tumbling washing machines in rope and open width forms. The machines are suited with all kinds of materials for various applications like garment, home textiles, technical textiles.

Santex Rimar AG (Switzerland) – Santex Rimar Group
All kinds of finishing machines for knitted fabrics like rope opening, hydro extracting and squeezing machines; tubular or open width tensionless dryers, tubular or open width compacting machines, etc.

Sperotto Rimar Srl (Italy) – Santex Rimar Group
Finishing machines for knitted and woven fabrics such as open width compacting machine; continuous decatising machines; steaming machines; wet sueding machines; continuous solvent scouring machines, etc.

Zimmer (Austria)
Digital printing Division
All kinds of digital printing for narrow and large width fabrics including integrated steaming machines for the textile and carpet applications.
Flat screen and Rotary screen printing machines

Chopra-Dhall Group (India)
All kinds of processing machines and equipment for denim production range; natural and blends fabrics pre-treatment and continuous dye pad range.

Magetron (Italy)
Automation in cutting and sewing for home textile such as bed linen, table linen, terry towels, blankets, curtains, cleaning cloths.

Mayer & Cie (Germany)

All kinds of circular knitting machines (single and double jersey) including electronic jacquard for production of all kinds of knitted fabrics for outwears, underwears, sportwears, home textiles and technical fabrics. Braiding machines for production of high pressure hoses.

Temco (Riteter Components Germany GmbH)

Specialized in manufacturing components in filament spinning, winding, texturing. etc.., like bearings, PU discs, nip rollers, texturing units, etc..

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Address: 37/72/14 Tran Dinh Xu Str., Cau Kho ward, Dist.1, HCMC, Vietnam
License no: 0314233206
Established: Feb 2017

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Director: TRAN NGOC LANH (Mr.)
MBA – textile engineer
HP: +84 903742951